How Can I Focus On Just Writing?

A lot of people who want to write have a hard time getting started because they feel overwhelmed, pressured and unfocused. Most of the new writers I talk to have day jobs, or have little kids, or take care of their sick family members, or have businesses.

You feel overwhelmed. You get overwhelmed.


I get that.

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How Do You Develop Your Character? – Lesson 1

Before we start talking about character development, have you identified your writing goals yet? If you haven’t yet, set aside the time today and work on your writing goals. You can access the Writer’s Goal Worksheet here.

A lot of people believe that great novels, great movies, great stories are great because of the story. But the story is only secondary to this aspect: Character. The story, conflict, and plot only follow the decisions made by the character.

How well do you know your main character?


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